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Top Blogging Tips for Beginners

Many bloggers have a list regarding blog content writing tips. We introduce TOP tips that will help take your blog to a high level in a short time and getting rank in Google search engine.

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1. It’s About Time

First, you even think of pursuing a blog what is your intent about the blog for making money or simply as a hobby,, you think about first yourself for capabilities, time and availability go.

Remember know that a “Successful blogging is required time” .According to a survey of more than a thousand bloggers (conduct by Online survey agency- orbit media ) take two and a half hours to create a typical post. For the same, a large number of bloggers write a post as a regular base and give proper work hours including at night or weekends. Blogging wants quality time to become a success in the blog.

Success blogger is making it a major priority to get done post a daily basis and fill it with original content with missing a single day. No matter it outside the home or on the traveling site.

I think that is the major mistake in which I see new bloggers. They want success in blogging but not spent the quality time in a blog post. A new blogger is starting with high think that gets success with the lazy schedule not has any working style and timing to create quality content.

2. Good Invest in Blogging Tools

When you have to decide to start a blog then use some blogging tools. It’s very useful if to able to invest in professional equipment. This decision is to create a professional blogger.

A few popular blogging tools: Buy Web Hosting, WordPress Software, Pro Plug-in, Paid WordPress Template, and Email Marketing software. Your blog looks more professional is much better for the trusted site every user for who read your blog post.

3.Set Your Mission

It means you have to decide your blog that what type of things is done on your blog like what your blog is about, what you want to do with. It’s crucial to set your mission a few examples you to easily understand what is that point and how to set mission :

  • Tweeter  – “To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. ”
  • MasterCard: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”
  • BMW: “Designed for Driving Pleasure.”
  • Marvel Service: “Simple Living High Thinking.”

Read this you say its slogan of the company but you deeply understand about thought is not a  Slogan that words have clarified the mission of company so customers easily find what they need and where is full fill. Choose the right mission about your blog target audiences before you write a single post you ask yourself. Your post publishes you truly think that helpful or interesting for your reader or its just irrelevant topics.

Things to keep in mind: Write to post short and simple, using Grammarly you check grammar and spell checked.

4. Just Get Started

After think to get started blogging. Without any written any post, no one will search you in google. If you achieving top tier to get stay in a long time in blogging. Creating and putting your products and service, get feedback to user need and daily doubtful queries handled.

Writing every day without any couple a day. This activity will defiantly help to make blogging easier.

content ideas

For content ideas, try to free tools or exiting paid features that easily find quality content and ideas.

5. Be Your Own Reader

When you want to become a successful blog, you really should check yourself like a reader

Visitors focused on your blog and content can appeal to their requirement which is full fill by your blogging to share a passion. You make sure when you read your blog by own where the difficulty for the reader is faced when they come and read a post.

For example, when you buying a pair of the show first you try yourself just like that same think if you like your blog content, Grammar, easy and simple then easy to make maximum stratified your visitor through your blog.

6. Think (Twice) Before You Publish Post

One the blog posts are planned you are not doing some common mistake in the post. Used some SEO Plug in like Yoast, All SEO, etc .which are similarly worked to reduce some common mistakes that come on writing time in a post like some grammar, easy and simple. Prepare your post publishing by through Yoast plugin is to help optimize the content to ensure so any hassle face by the reader when read a post.

Take time and think twice to check all common mistakes and confirm you clear with all now ready to publish a post.

7. Create About us Page

Talking about yourself is also an important part of your blog. Don’t neglect your blog about us page.

This page helps visitors to know about your purpose and which topic is cover in your posts, and what they can expect to find on your side.

Few think you write on your blog posts yourself:

  • Who is your audience –which
  • What value are you offering to the reader?
  • What credibility does your blog have?
  • Why are you passionate about what you do?
  • What is your call to action?

8. Your blog should Good Looks

If your website is designed with rainbow colors and using too many layouts, its design can raise unintentionally readers. Using smart design features set up attracts readers with good experience that will encourage visits again.

Makes your website is user-friendly design. with the smart design is outfitted post looks clean and beautiful desk.

It’s surprisingly more important for you and those who visit the first time on your site. These types of designs Pay attention to them. Don’t make the design too much complicated.

How to Choose the Right  WordPress theme?

These questions are first to arise for beginner mind we give ideas to select a simple and easy modified theme which take less time for loading step. The premium theme also the best option to use. Or to hire the web designer, consult experts to ensure your design looking goods.

9.Think Mobile

In the whole world, 85 percent of internet users come from a smartphone. So you have got a good chance that readers browse your blog on a smartphone. Huge traffic attent easy your blog so move the blog to make mobile-friendly optimize. Establishing a good looking design with optimizing for mobile users.

For this to choose a responsive template or you can make a mobile-friendly blog through plugins to optimize the WordPress theme.

Use this handy Google tool to check your blog mobile-friendly or not.

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